Stop spam in your inbox - send it to MailDude

MailDude is a free anti-mails-you-dont-want service. Use any [email protected] and check your mails here.


Spam is a problem and you're getting hundreds of mails every week already. If you don't want to get more spam, ads or transactional emails you don't care about - use MailDude!

MailDude receives your incoming mail and stores messages for half an hour. Enough time to click the "confirm your email address" or "give me access now"-link.

Just use any [email protected] when you sign up somewhere or if you just want to test a service without filling your own inbox. Come back here and check the incoming emails.

No registration, no account and it's free!


Who should use it?

Everyone who hates spam but needs a temporary email address for signups to online services or to read a newsletter.

Why should I use it?

Because you hate spam (as we do) and only need a temporary email address to receive some registration confirmation or a newsletter.

Is it safe?

No! Don't use MailDude to receive password reminders or private information. Every MailDude temporary email address is public and everyone can access it.

The price? Must be expensive!

Maildude is free - but you can send your credit card information to [email protected]

Another temporary email service?

Yes, why not :-)

Is Maildude better than mailinator etc.

No! But our background-color is #18BC9C (and that's much better).

And more

Hey searchengines, read this! Maildude is a free anti-spam-service. We provide a free temporary email address. If you ever need a temporary email address you can just enter any address and receive emails in this mailbox.

If you don't want to get spammed you can give out a MailDude temporary email address to any service and they will send their annoying emails to that address. If you don't want to get emails like this:

"Hey, here is Peter from -someservice- I just wanted to know how your first days with our service ... bla bla bla..."

...then use our disposable email address service.

You can use any address for your trash mail or for signups where you expect to be spammed with marketing emails or newsletters.

You do not need to register your MailDude anti-spam-email address before you can use it. Just use it! Then come back here and check your email.

We only store your emails for an hour, but that is enough to click the links you need to click in confirmation mails etc.

You don't need to signup for maildude, you don't have to pay anything - just use it as long as it's available ;-).